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xeno· gen·ic   (znjnk) xenogenic

n. pl. xeno· gen·ics  (-s) 

1 An organism

a.       comprised of elements typically foreign to its species.xenogenic

b.       whose origin, development, or survival is synthetic; produced, generated, or determined by xenogenic

i. intervention into existing processes of chemicals, genes, cells, tissues, or organs.

ii. introduction of foreign processes or materials, mechanical or biomechanical. xenogenic

c.      whose genome has been altered by xenogenic

i. interspecies gene transfer. xenogenic

ii intraspecies gene selection.xenogenic

iii. catastrophic or introduced mutagenesis. xenogenic

iv. mechanical or biotechnological implantation.xenogenic

d.      whose offspring differ in habit and structure from itself but whose original form may reappear after one or more generations. xenogenic


adj. xeno· gen·ic  xenogenic

2  Of, or relating to the study of xenogenic organisms: xenogenic research. xenogenic

3  Strange; foreign; or different, with reference to origin. xenogenic

4  That method of reproduction in which the successive generations differ from each other. xenogenic

n. xeno· gen·ics   (znjnks)  xenogenic

5  The systematic study of xenogenic organisms and their environments as nested and co-influencing spheres, in the paradigm of ‘bio-eco-socio-politico-economy.’xenogenic

[New Latin, from Greek, from xenos, stranger. See ghos-ti- in Indo-European Roots. From Greek genetikos, genitive; from Latin from Greek ge`nesis, origin; from the root of gi`gnesqai to beget, be born; akin to Latin genus birth, race. See Gender.] xenogenic

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